10 amazing destinations in South Africa not to miss

10 amazing destinations in South Africa not to miss

South Africa’s rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes and amazing wildlife have long intrigued visitors from around the globe. And for good reason. The country, situated at the tip of the African continent, is not only tremendously beautiful, but also known as a haven for food lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs. In addition, many destinations in South Africa boast with some of the most scenic wonders in the world. From rolling hills and mountain ranges that stretch as far as the eye can see, desolated areas populated only by dassies and buck to lush forests and turquoise waters rich in marine wildlife. Not to mention, varied fauna and flora which scatter every inch of this magnificent country.

Whether you’re looking for bustling city vibes, a bush getaway, some of the best surf accompanied by white sandy beaches, or off the beaten path adventures, there’s no doubt that you’ll be spoilt for choice in South Africa. No matter your budget or traveling style. We set out 10 amazing destinations in South Africa not to miss in this guide. Get handy tips and great ideas on what to do and see, right here.

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Planning a trip to South Africa? We share ten amazing destinations in South Africa you don't want to miss on your trip. With handy info and great #tips from amazing travel bloggers around the globe, you'll have no problem getting a good dose of inspiration to plan the perfect trip. #southafrica #destinations #travel #wheretogo #thingstodo #travelinspiration

Why you should visit these destinations in South Africa

Some of the most popular destinations in South Africa to visit are found in the Western Cape and Mpumalanga. The Western Cape is home to Table Mountain, world-class winelands and the Garden Route. As well as, a hot foodie scene and artsy vibe. Mpumalanga however, is known as a place where crickets chirp you to sleep and the roars of lions wake you. And if going on safari to spot the big five isn’t enough reason to visit South Africa, you can also enjoy natural wonders such as God’s Window and the Blyde River Canyon here.

There are however many other options dotted around the country, which are often overlooked but totally worthy of adding to your destination hit-list. Choosing where to go however, might not be as easy as you think. Because, frankly the options are endless. Which is why, we recently got together with some amazing travel bloggers from around the globe to share their favourite destinations in South Africa.

The best destinations in South Africa

The Wild Coast

Photo by Sol Salute

Erin from Sol Salute fell in love with one of the most gorgeous destinations in South Africa, the Wild Coast. Here’s her take on why the Wild Coast should be on your must-see list. 

The Transkei in South Africa may be hard to get to but it is worth every bit of effort. Also known as the Wild Coast, this long stretch of coastline north of East London and south of Durban is nothing short of paradise. The rolling green hills go on further than the eye can see and are dotted with villages made up of rondavels. The beaches are expansive and we spent our days walking from one end to the next. (Careful not to disturb the cows taking their naps on the sand).

The coast here is on the Indian Ocean and the water was cold but perfect for surfing. People woke with the sun at our backpacker’s hostel each morning and made their way down to the waves. There are kayaking excursions into the rivers that spill out into the ocean, as well as long hikes along the cliffs. I fell in love with the Transkei during our time there and hope to return time and again in the future.

Storms River Mouth

Photo by Stingy Nomads

Campbell & Alya from Stingy Nomads explored one of the most amazing destinations in South Africa; the Garden Route. Along the way, they were overwhelmed by the beauty of Storms River. Read on to see why Storms River Mouth should be on your bucket list. 

We’ve done many road trips in South Africa, but the Garden Route is still our favorite area for traveling and exploring. It’s difficult to choose a favorite place on the route – Mossel Bay, Wilderness, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay are all amazing. But, we developed a soft spot for Storms River, Tsitsikamma National Park where we spent most of the time.

Tsitsikamma National Park is an amazing place with fantastic scenery; ocean, lush green hills, rocky cliffs, narrow canyons and breathtaking lookouts. There are many activities that visitors can do in Tsitsikamma; hiking, kayaking & lilo, snorkeling, swimming, watching wildlife – whales, dolphins, otters, genets, dassies and many different birds can be spotted here.

Things not to miss in the park are two suspension bridges, the beautiful waterfall and the unreal lookout point. After an active day of exploring the area you can relax and enjoy great local seafood at the restaurant with incredible views over the ocean. Many tourists come here as day visitors but we’d recommend to stay here overnight – there are different accommodation options from camping at the sea to staying in cottages and chalets. We love camping at Storms River Mouth Rest Camp – it’s such a pleasure to sit in the evening with a glass of wine watching the sunset.

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The Drakensberg

Photo by Roaming Fox

Alma from Roaming Fox highly recommends adding the Drakensberg to your must-see list. Find out why, below.

Many people seem to miss the Drakensberg when they visit South Africa. Yes, the Cape has its winelands and it’s certainly worth looking at wild animals in our game reserves. But, the Drakensberg can give you so much more.

The Drakensberg is situated in KwaZulu Natal. The mountain range stretches for 1,120 kilometres and in places reaches 3,500 metres in height. You are spoilt for choice when choosing where to go in the Berg, as South Africans fondly call it, because the range is divided into the southern, central and northern Drakensberg. I would base my decision on the activities you would want to line up.

You won’t get bored if you visit the Drakensberg, as it’s a hub of activities from gentle strolls and munching on sweet treats or pairing wine with chocolate, to exhilarating adventures such as zip-lining or hiking up chain ladders. Throw in a helicopter flip or a hot air balloon ride over the scenic landscape, and you may never want to return home.

Did you know it is the home of the Drakensberg Boys Choir? You can add a touch of culture by attending one of their performances too.

The Kruger National Park

Planning a trip to South Africa? We share ten amazing destinations in South Africa you don't want to miss on your trip. With handy info and great #tips from amazing travel bloggers around the globe, you'll have no problem getting a good dose of inspiration to plan the perfect trip. #southafrica #destinations #travel #wheretogo #thingstodo #travelinspiration

A visit to South Africa would simply not be complete without going on safari in the Kruger. LeAnna from Well Traveled Nebraskan shares her insights into one of the most beloved destinations in South Africa, here. 

There are so many safari options when it comes to South Africa, but after hours (nay, DAYS!) of excruciating research, it was clear that Kruger National Park was where we would want to adventure out to. There were several reasons why Kruger was our top pick. First, accessibility was one of the best for safaris anywhere in Africa. An easy flight into Johannesburg and then either a quick charter flight into the park or a few hours drive and you are in the heart of the bush. Also, with just the sheer size of the park, it offers so many choices to every type of traveler and every budget. As frugal travelers, we loved this! However, it isn’t lacking in luxury accommodation, either! We were able to find the most perfect, middle of the road option to fit our small group.

And of course, when going on an African Safari, you hope to see some amazing animals. On our 3 day safari, we saw giraffe, elephants, lions, hippos, water buffalo, springbok, monkeys, zebra and more! There is nothing more exhilarating than trying to find roaring lionesses as the dusk is setting!

Surely, if you are traveling to South Africa, you are also looking for where to go on a once in a lifetime safari. Whether you are looking for a self-drive option or a high-end luxury experience, Kruger has it all. And everything in-between!

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Karoo National Park

Planning a trip to South Africa? We share ten amazing destinations in South Africa you don't want to miss on your trip. With handy info and great #tips from amazing travel bloggers around the globe, you'll have no problem getting a good dose of inspiration to plan the perfect trip. #southafrica #destinations #travel #wheretogo #thingstodo #travelinspiration
Photo by Alfred Lor on Uplash

Gabrielle from Up and Gone shares one of her favourite destinations in South Africa; the Karoo National Park here.

If you want unseen South Africa, The Great Karoo—one of South Africa’s 20+ National Parks (and a fine name for an up-and-coming magician)—is it. It springs up out of nowhere on the long, inland drive from Johannesburg to Cape Town, and looks like something out of a Jurassic picture book. Long, flat mountains (called Karoo koppies) that sprung abruptly from flat, rocky ground. Craggy cliffs descending into deep gorges where kudus roam in the shade. While there are no longer live dinosaurs wandering the wide badlands, you can see their remnants along the Karoo Fossil Trail, which itself has been deemed a paleontological wonderland.

For those looking for game, fear not—Karoo is host to a number of lions and aggressive black rhinos, as well as ostriches, baboons, kudus, elands, hyenas, oryx, and a number of other large mammals. Keep in mind that the bulk of the park must be driven with a 4×4.

Some more tips? Visit the park early (before it gets too hot) for the most animal sightings. You can stay in the park at a collection of historical cottages. The entrance fees are reasonable too, starting at R192 pp (International Visitor as of 1/2018).

The Midlands Meander

Photo by MC Adventure Blog

Monique from MC Adventure Blog describes the Midlands Meander as any foodies’ dream and highly recommends adding it to your must-see list. See why, below.

The Midlands Meander is an arts and crafts route winding through the gorgeous green hills of KwaZulu Natal. This area has a special place in my heart as it is where I got married in 2016. It is the perfect day trip from Durban or Pietermaritzburg, and is very family friendly. Grab a free map online or at any of the shops along the route, and get ready to explore a variety of art studios, craft shops, restaurants, pubs, and hotels.

One of my favorite memories as a child is of having picnics along the Meander, and you really can enjoy a lunch on any of the grassy, picturesque spots along the route. If you’re feeling more adventurous, have a day at Midmar Dam, or enjoy zip-lining or hiking. There is something for everybody here, even if you just need to get out and grab a coffee with friends. The Meander is also a treasure trove of homemade goodies, from goats cheese to amazing leather goods at Groundcover Leather. A must stop is Culamoya Chimes, where you can explore the gardens full of huge wind chimes, and even take home something for your window to remember the magic of the Meander.

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Photo by The Globetrotter Guys

Sion and Ben from The Globetrotter Guys had an amazing time exploring one of the most underrated, but undeniably beautiful destinations in South Africa; Oudtshoorn.

During our time in South Africa, we spent 12 days working our way along the ‘Garden Route’, from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. One of our favourite stops was Oudtshoorn; a beautiful town up in the mountains known as the ‘ostrich capital of the world’. And it really does have the world’s largest population of ostriches!

Oudtshoorn relies heavily on ostrich farming to fuel the town’s economy. This comes from both farming for meat, the eggs, and feathers, but also from tourism as there are a lot of farms open to the public to visit. Visiting a working ostrich farm was a major highlight of our trip. This includes seeing the eggs during incubation, the tiny little baby ostriches, and the huge herds out in the fields.

Another must do whilst in Oudtshoorn is visiting the Cango Caves. These run for over 4km, with a quarter of these open to the public to visit. Make sure you book the Adventure Tour – as this allows you to climb the formations and crawl through tunnels! Although, maybe not if you’re claustrophobic!

And finally, as if you needed any other reasons to visit, it is the most beautiful town. Located between two mountain ranges, the views stretching in every direction are simply stunning!


Planning a trip to South Africa? We share ten amazing destinations in South Africa you don't want to miss on your trip. With handy info and great #tips from amazing travel bloggers around the globe, you'll have no problem getting a good dose of inspiration to plan the perfect trip. #southafrica #destinations #travel #wheretogo #thingstodo #travelinspiration
Photo by Claire Brear on Uplash

Monique from MC Adventure Blog loves exploring Clarens and fondly calls it a sleepy Free State gem. Find out why she thinks it is one of the best destinations in South Africa, below. 

Clarens is a quirky art town snuggled into the mountains of the Free State. Home to microbreweries, art galleries, restaurants, guest houses, and all the homemade edible goodies you can manage, Clarens really is a holiday-maker’s dream.

One of the most beautiful things you can do in the area is road trip through Golden Gate Highlands National Park, a 340 square kilometer wonderland of towering sandstone cliffs and caves with San rock paintings. You can camp in the park, and enjoy numerous hikes and walks in the area.

If you want a more indulgent experience, stay just outside of Clarens at Omega Mountain Lodge. The private little self-contained units open out onto a beautiful mountain view, not to mention your own jacuzzi!

Clarens also has a craft beer festival in February every year. So, grab yourself a room and enjoy country living at its finest in this friendly and arty town. This is one of the most romantic places in South Africa, and I’d go back in a heartbeat. Every time I visit with my husband we have an amazing time and leave with full stomachs and happy hearts. Don’t forget your camera!

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Pilanesberg National Park

Photo by Up and Gone

Gabrielle from Up and Gone shares her tips and thoughts on Pilanesberg National Park, here. 

Two separate South African friends told us that Pilanesberg National Park & Game Reserve shouldn’t be missed—and they were completely right. A 2.5 hour drive from Johannesburg, Pilanesberg stretches over 55,000 hectares (a little over 200 square miles). It feels less touristy than Kruger—more of a local spot. It’s as lush and green as a scene out of the jungle book.

The park offers guided tours at several intervals throughout the day, and the option to self-drive during the sunlit hours. We chose to do both—the day spent self-driving, and an evening guided drive. While the main streets are paved, the rest is dirt road; if you self-drive make sure you have a sport wagon or 4×4. We spent a gorgeous day wending our way around the park, relishing the thrill of spotting 4 out of the big 5. What I really liked is that though the park is huge, visitors are restricted to the areas around three major watering holes, which gives you plenty to see while ensuring a healthy space for the animals to roam and be wild.

[If we could do it again, we’d spend at least two full days self-driving through the park. Bring picnic supplies to hang out in the safe areas for a braai and to stretch the legs. The prices were reasonable: entrance fees (as of Jan 2018), 2 international adults, 1 car: R80 pp, R230 total.]


Photo by Wapiti Travel

Sylvia from Wapiti Travel spent 3 amazing weeks in South Africa, but one of her favourite destinations in South Africa remains the ‘City of Gold’; Johannesburg. 

Johannesburg is the economic Capital City of Johannesburg. It’s known as an unsafe city but despite its bad name it’s also the city that best reflects the country’s turbulent past and challenging future.

Vibrant and lively Soweto has become much more safe over the recent years. It’s still not a good idea to visit this township on your own, certainly not after dark, but a guided tour of Soweto is a great option to discover the place where the apartheid revolution started and where South African history was written. You can also get a deeper awareness of African’s history in the very instructive Apartheid Museum.

At Constitution Hill you can witness the progress that South Africa has made up until today. The site is a former prison and military fort that bears testament to South Africa’s turbulent past and, today, is home to the country’s Constitutional Court, which endorses the rights of all citizens. Many famous South Africans that laid the corner stones of South Africa as we know it today have served time here.

Have you visited any of these destinations in South Africa? If you have any suggestions to add to this list, drop your comments below.

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Planning a trip to South Africa? We share ten amazing destinations in South Africa you don't want to miss on your trip. With handy info and great #tips from amazing travel bloggers around the globe, you'll have no problem getting a good dose of inspiration to plan the perfect trip. #southafrica #destinations #travel #wheretogo #thingstodo #travelinspiration

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      Let me know if you need any insider tips on South Africa! Happy planning…you are going to love South Africa!

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