5 Budget Tips To Help you Save Money in Singapore

5 Budget Tips To Help you Save Money in Singapore

There’s no doubt that Singapore should be on every traveler’s destination hit-list. The island nation boasts some pretty amazing green spaces, Instagrammable spots, skyscraper-studded skylines, and a unique blend of cultures and traditions. Not to mention, culinary treats, world-class attractions, and many UNESCO World Heritage sites to explore. That said, Singapore is also very expensive, which is why budgeting for Singapore is essential when planning to spend time in the Lion City. Whether you are planning 4 days in Singapore or thinking of staying a bit longer, it doesn’t hurt to save money when traveling Singapore. This guide highlights five handy Singapore budget tips that will help you stretch your dollars and save money in Singapore!

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Headed to Singapore and looking for handy tips on stretching your dollars? Check out our 5 Singapore budget tips which will help you save money whilst still having a great trip to the Lion City. #Singapore #singaporetravel #singaporebudgettips

Singapore Budget Tips – How to save money in Singapore

Do Proper Planning

There are so many amazing things to do in Singapore. And even though some of the attractions are free, Singapore can be extremely expensive Especially when it comes to food and accommodation. So, the very first crucial Singapore budget tip to consider is to plan and do proper research first.

Deciding where to stay in Singapore is the first step to enjoying a hassle-free trip to the city. You might also want to consider investing in a good guide book, such as this Singapore Lonely Planet.  I hardly ever travel anywhere without one as it not only gives excellent travel tips on what to do and see, but it’s also packed with insights on culture and history.

Using a guide book is also a great way to plan your whole itinerary in just A few hours. Moreover,  you would also be able to get a very good idea of what things cost – ultimately allowing you to budget more effectively. 

Headed to Singapore and looking for handy tips on stretching your dollars? Check out our 5 Singapore budget tips which will help you save money whilst still having a great trip to the Lion City. #Singapore #singaporetravel

Book an Airport Transfer

If you’re flying with a budget airline from within Asia, chances are you’ll most probably arrive at Changi Airport at some ungodly hour. Naturally, you could wing it and pay SG$60 for a taxi ride to your hotel. Alternatively, you could use public transport or book a transfer from the airport at a fraction of the cost.

On my recent trip to Singapore, I arrived at the airport just after 2 am. Luckily I booked a shared shuttle transfer ahead of time, which saved me a pretty penny. Although it took slightly longer than a regular taxi ride, the ride was smooth and comfortable. Added bonus, the shuttle bus had AC and free WiFi!

Get a Local SIM card

As with most destination hit-list countries, you won’t have any trouble staying connected in Singapore. Whether you’re connecting to hotspots or investing in a SIM, staying connected in Singapore is extremely easy. If you are really on a tight budget and don’t want to fork out extra cash for a SIM card, I highly recommend downloading the Wireless@SG app beforehand. The app will automatically find and connect to the nearest WiFi hotspots around you.

However, if you are like me and prefer to have access on the go, investing in a SIM card is a must. Usually, I pick up a pre-ordered 4G SIM card or Portable WiFi router at the airport, but because I arrived in the early morning hours, this was not an option for me. I ended up buying a SIM at one of the Currency Exchange counters for a hefty SG$18. Not pocket friendly at all.

SIM cards are also available at most convenience stores. So, if you don’t mind waiting until you are in town, you can pick up a SIM at any 7-11 for as little as SG$12.

Get an EZ Link Card

Getting around in Singapore couldn’t be simpler. The city has one of the best transportation systems in Asia linking buses and an extensive MRT system to all major attractions. Although any ride on the bus or MRT will hardly ever cost you more than a few SG dollars, using public transport does have one slightly annoying downfall; you need small change. So, arguably, one of the best Singapore budget tips I can give you is to invest in an EZ-Link Card. This little card made my life a lot easier. For starters, I never had to worry about finding the exact change for the bus. Nor did I have to buy an MRT token every time I wanted to get from A to B.

Singapore Budget Tips – How to get an Easy-Link Card

You can buy an EZ-link card at the airport, MRT stations, and even at convenience stores throughout Singapore. I got my EZ-link card at 7-11 for SG$10. Even though SG$5 was unusable and non-refundable, the ability to just tap-and-go made it a worthwhile investment. The EZ-link card works on both buses and the MRT system as long as you have enough funds (>SG$2). Topping up is very easy, too. Just look out for the top-up machines which are at all major MRT stations. The smallest top-up fee is SG$10.

Useful Singapore navigation tips

  • Download the gothere.sg app (here’s the link to download it on your iPhone) to find your way around Singapore easily. The app is user-friendly and makes getting around so much easier. Not only does it give directions, but you can also compare fares between transportation modes (bus vs. MRT) and even check when buses or trains leave.
  • Taxis in Singapore are considerably cheaper than other Asian cities such as Bangkok or Hong Kong. That said, there is always room for saving money. If you don’t feel like taking public transport, you can quickly get around with Grab. It’s slightly cheaper than a regular taxi ride, and the app’s easy navigation and real-time info make it super user-friendly.

Looking for great things to do in Singapore? Check out these awesome tourist attractions. 

Headed to Singapore and looking for handy tips on stretching your dollars? Check out our 5 Singapore budget tips which will help you save money whilst still having a great trip to the Lion City. #Singapore #Asia #travel

Eat at hawker stalls

If there is one thing Singaporeans know how to do, it’s food! With influences from Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and other parts of Asia, finding delicious food within walking distance from anywhere in the city is a piece of cake.

Although there are many great restaurants, coffee shops, and hipster hangouts, eating out in Singapore is quite pricey and can impact your budget dearly. Luckily, there is a solution – hawker stands. Not only can you enjoy lip-smacking Singaporean hawker dishes, such as chicken rice or satay, but you’ll soon notice that the hawker food costs a fraction of the price! For instance, a filling meal of chicken rice could cost you as little as SG$2-5 in Chinatown.

In fact, you could even get your foodie fix at a Michelin star hawker stall. Whereas splurging on a lovely Sunday brunch at Gordan Ramsey’s Bread Street Kitchen will set you back between SG$18-45. So, if you love food as much as I do, I suggest trying to find a balance between feasting at posh spots and hawker stalls. That way, you’ll be able to get the best of both worlds!

Some great hawkers centres to check out on your trip are Maxwell Food Centre, Lau Pa Sat Market and Chinatown Food Street.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to save money in Singapore? We’d love to hear your Singapore budget tips! Drop your comments below.

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Headed to Singapore and looking for handy tips on stretching your dollars? Check out our 5 Singapore budget tips which will help you save money whilst still having a great trip to the Lion City. #Singapore #singaporebudgettips #singaporetravel

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  • Great tips. Singapore is definitely on our list and we’ve heard it can be more expensive than most of the places we’re used to visiting in SE Asia. Depending on how long we stay in country, we do like to get sim cards – sometimes we’ll get them at the airport to minimize hassle but we’ve found that they’re often even cheaper if you pick them up at a local convenience store in town.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Michelle. So true, the difference in price can sometimes be quite astonishing. Singapore is definetely a lot more expensive than other countries in SE Asia, but it is truly amazing. Hope you get a chance to explore it soon.

  • I would like to add on to the way you can save your money while shopping in Singapore. To increase the number of tourists, the Singapore government issued a tax refund policy when shopping in Singapore for tourists. As per which, If you shop more than SGD100, you can claim a 7% refund for Goods and Service Tax (GST) or commonly known as Value Added Tax (VAT). To find out which shop you are shopping has a tax return policy, look for the words “Tax-Free” in the store or you can ask the shop staff directly.

  • Hey! Thank you so much for your valuable information, I am planning my first international trip to Singapore in coming last week of October this year…. thanks

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