Welcome to Hoponworld!

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. I’m Mariza — a South African ex-pat who has been living in Taiwan for nearly a decade. I’ve traveled to 30 countries across four continents. And, while I haven’t been everywhere, I can’t wait to explore more of our beautiful world! When I’m not juggling work, you’ll probably find me unwinding on a gorgeous beach, hunting for waterfalls, getting lost in a bustling city, chilling at a hipster cafe, or snacking my way through a night market!

As you might have guessed, my love for traveling and sharing travel tips and tricks with others sparked the creation of this blog. All in all, Hoponworld is a space for folk who love anything from bustling cities to lesser-known gems to island getaways to lush jungles. Here you’ll find in-depth destination guides, quick city break itineraries, and stacks of travel tips to help you spend less time planning and more time creating awesome memories! 

The best part? Traveling doesn’t need to be hard, and you certainly don’t need to quit your day job (even though that would be awesome) to live a life filled with amazing journeys! And on my blog, I’ll show you exactly just how to do that! 

“I heard an airplane overhead. I wished I was on it.”

~ Charles Bukowski

So, if you too have the traveler’s itch or simply keen on learning something new, why not join me on my adventures in Taiwan and across the most epic destinations in Asia and South Africa? 

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