The Most Instagram-worthy Spots in Taichung

The Most Instagram-worthy Spots in Taichung

If you’re looking for the most Instagram-worthy spots in Taichung, then this post is for you. This photo guide highlights the absolute best Instagrammable places in Taichung, plus top tips to help you find the city’s best gems.

As the third biggest city in Taiwan, Taichung has plenty to offer travelers from near and far. Although most travelers to Taiwan hardly ever make it out of bustling Taipei, Taichung is one of the coolest cities on the island! Here, you will find culture, an up-and-coming art scene, delicious street food, and sublime mountain drives. All within easy access. Which is already enough reason to put Taichung on your travel radar!

We recently spent 36 hours in Taichung. And although it might seem short, it was more than enough time to check out the best Instagram-worthy spots in this hip and gorgeous city. If you are planning a Taichung itinerary, be sure to make a stop at these Instagram-worthy spots in Taichung!

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Taiwan Travel // Taichung | Discover the best Instagram-worthy spots in Taichung here in this guide! Plus get handy tips and tricks for your visit. #taiwan #taichung #travel #instagramspots #colorfulplaces #instagramguide

Instagrammable Places in Taichung Map

Top Instagram-worthy Spots in Taichung

There are tons of cool places to see street art around the world and while Taichung is probably not the first that comes to mind, it is definitely one of the most colorful places in Taiwan. Here are the most Instagrammable places in the city. 

1.  Rainbow Village

rainbow ice cream at ainbow village taichung

Rainbow Village is one of our favorite places to visit in Taiwan. It is also one of the most touristy spots in Taichung. For good reason. Once home to more than 1,200 veteran homes, the village soon started to dwindle when local developers started buying up land and demolishing most of the homes.

However, a local veteran, Mr. Huang (also known as the ‘grandpa’ of Rainbow Village) had something quite different in mind. What started as a hobby, quickly spread to the remaining houses of the village. When local university students got word of the colorful transformation, protests soon led to the birth of  Rainbow Village.

Today, thousands of locals and international travelers flock to Rainbow Village to enjoy the colorful art painted on the remaining streets and homes of the former veterans’ village. If you are lucky, you might even be able to take a selfie with Mr. Huang!

Insider’s tip

Head to the back of the village for some great Instagram snaps. Here, you will find different Chinese good luck charms on each wall! Whether you want to wish for everlasting love, good fortune, or health and safety…you are bound to find the perfect message here!

Entrance fee


Best time to go

The Village is open 24/7, but it does get quite crowded on weekends and public holidays. Therefore, the best time to visit is on weekdays. Especially if you want to miss the crowds. Also, early mornings or late afternoons are generally the best time to visit anywhere in Taiwan as there won’t be too many people around.

This probably goes without saying, but if you want to get really instagrammable shots, go on a hot, sunny day.

Getting there

Rainbow Village is just a 10-minute drive from the Taichung High Speed Rail Station. A taxi ride to the village shouldn’t cost you more than NT$200 one way.


408, Taichung City, Nantun District, 春安路56巷.

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2. Painted animation lane

If you love cartoons and anime as much as we do, you simply have to check out the painted animation lane. Nestled among a couple of houses, this small, yet colorful alleyway is every street art lover’s dream. Here you will find colorful paintings of popular cartoon and anime characters painted on the walls and doors of actual homes. The paintings are exceptionally well done and range from classic Walt Disney characters, such as Bugs Bunny and Popeye to One Piece and Pikachu to name just a few.

painted animation lane murals

The Lane is only a few 100 meters long, so you really don’t need to spend too much time here. Work on roughly 15-20 minutes to have a nice walk around and take some cool pics.



Best time to go

Anytime during the day.


Lane 100, Linsen Road, West District, Taichung City, 403.

Taiwan Travel // Taichung | Discover the best Instagram-worthy spots in Taichung here in this guide! Plus get handy tips and tricks for your visit. #taiwan #taichung #travel #instagramspots #colorfulplaces #instagramguide

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3. Miyahara

There’s a huge hype on the internet about this luxury dessert store, which sells all kinds of yummy cakes, cookies, and ice cream. So, we just had to see what all the fuss was about!

Although the ‘coffee and salt’ biscuits are ‘oh so delicious’, we suspect crowds actually flock here for the store’s eccentric history and interior. Miyahara was originally an eye hospital founded during the Japanese-era in 1927. And if that isn’t strange enough, here’s another interesting fact – today the store is actually renowned for its Harry Potter-like interior. The shop boasts with ceiling-high bookshelves, an old-school staircase, and some red velvet touches to name just a few!

Harry Potter or not. Miyahara is totally worth checking out – even if it is just to devour the sweet treats!

miyara store taichung

Operating hours

10 am – 10 pm daily.


Miyahara is a 2 minute walk from the Taichung Train Station, so it’s pretty easy to find.

20 Zhongshan Road, Central District, Taichung City, 400.

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4. Park Lane

Taichung has plenty of parks where you can enjoy some fresh air and greenery, but our top pick is undoubtedly Park Lane. The Lane stretches over a couple of blocks and is home to the ultra-cool CMP Block Museum – a high-end department store and tons of quirky shops and hipster restaurants. It’s also a great place to people watch and enjoy the local street performances.

lunch at park lane taichung

Insider’s tip:

On weekends local vendors sell all kinds of weird and intricate handmade crafts. You can find just about anything here – from coffee cup holders and cute potted cactuses to handmade jewelry and artsy trinkets.


There is no entrance fee to the park itself, but scooter drivers should take note that there is a small parking fee. Parking costs NT$10 per hour and is easily paid at any convenience store.

Taiwan Travel // Taichung | Discover the best Instagram-worthy spots in Taichung here in this guide! Plus get handy tips and tricks for your visit. #taiwan #taichung #travel #instagramspots #colorfulplaces #instagramguide

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5. Gaomei Wetlands

If you love a good sunset, there’s no better place in Taichung than Gaomei Wetlands to see one!

It takes about an hour’s drive from Taichung to get to the beautiful and serene Gaomei Wetlands. But trust me, it is totally worth it! The wetlands, which are located on the south of the Daria River mouth, span over an impressive 1,500 acres. Both bird lovers and shutterbugs should head here to enjoy the scenic view and the rich ecosystem.

Insider‘s tip

Head over to the water walkway for great pictures of the wind turbines in the distance. Also, don’t forget to bring something warm, as it gets quite chilly here.



Best time to go


Bird watchers:  Visit the Gaomei Wetlands during autumn and winter when large flocks of birds migrate here.


Gaomei Wetlands, Qingshui District, Taichung City.

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For those looking to dive even deeper, why not head to one of Taichung’s oldest neighborhood? It’s the perfect spot to catch a glimpse into the local culture and offers tons of Insta ops. Check out this guide on Wufeng’s Guangfu New Village to learn more.

Taichung Instagram Spots in Conclusion

Have you visited any of the Instagram-worthy spots in Taichung? I’m sure there are heaps of other great Instagram-worthy things to do in Taichung! Feel free to share your top tips, best photo spots and anything in between in the comments below! We’d love to check them out on our next visit. 

Before you go, you may also like this 2 weeks Taiwan Itinerary that will help you discover more gems in the country. If you need more help mapping our your Taiwan travels, follow my Facebook where you can ask questions and learn more about Taiwan. Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media to see what we are up to.

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Taiwan Travel // Taichung | Discover the best Instagram-worthy spots in Taichung here in this guide! Plus get handy tips and tricks for your visit. #taiwan #taichung #travel #instagramspots #colorfulplaces #instagramguide

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  • My husband is an anime fanatic and I’m sure he’ll love to see the Painted Animation Lane and Rainbow Village (he also loves to draw! 😉 ). Personally, I’d love to see the Miyahara (HP fanatic here! 😀 ) This is such a timely post as we’ve been eyeing plane tickets for Taiwan sometime this year and I’d definitely check if we can include Taichung on our itinerary!

  • I always dreamed of living in a rainbow land hehe… I must visit the Rainbow Villiage, and it sounds like fun. You have fantastic photos. Love the beautiful art and colors. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  • This is an incredible place! Taiwan is high on my list of places to visit. I love the colours here, and Rainbow Village is very instagrammable. A great post!

  • I’ve never been to Taiwan, but Taichung looks so beautiful. Rainbow village will be the highlight for me. I just love the colours and that ice-cream, I feel like grabbing it from the picture. Thanks for sharing

  • Having visited Taiwan quite a few times to some amazing places like Sun Moon Lake and Yehliu Geopark (which are really Instagrammable as well!), I have been to Taichung for a brief period of time after attending a competition in Changhua. I vaguely recall visiting the Animated Art Street which was quite cool, but would love to return to discover more now that I’ve learnt about these amazing places!

    • Thanks, Nathan. How cool that you’ve been to the Animation Lane! And yes, you are right; Sun Moon Lake and Yehliu are stunning!!! Did you get to see Jiufen, too? It’s an easy day trip from Taipei and really worth it!

      Hope you get a chance to go back to Taichung one day and discover all the other amazing places!

  • I love art and colourful places! Rainbow Village is my favourite on this list and I love the story behind it! Amazing how one person can really make a positive impact! Miyahara also looks super cool because I’m a big Harry Potter fan and I see the theme there! Thanks for putting in the tips and details about each place to make it easier for visitors!

  • I love those rainbow village photos! And the animation lane. When I was in Stockholm I rode the subway out to the suburbs just to get a picture of some similar super mario murals… sounds like I would need to do the same thing if I ever go to Taiwan!

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