Taiwan is full of character and full of surprises. Apart from its bustling cities, which draw thousands of tourists yearly, Taiwan has plenty to offer any traveler. No matter your budget or traveling style. With rolling mountains, lush jungles, sweeping ocean views, and a fast-growing food scene, this island should be on your destination hit-list.

Discover the beauty of Taiwan as we take you on a journey through this beautiful gem in Asia. Get handy tips on where to go, what to do, and what to eat. And see first hand why Taiwan is quickly becoming one of Asia's top travel destinations.  Read more here.

Hong Kong

Vibrant. Bustling. Cosmopolitan. These three words epitomize the essence of Hong Kong. With deeply rooted Chinese traditions fused with touches from former British rule, Hong Kong is one of those destinations you simply can't miss. Discover age-old traditions, skyscraper-studded skylines, and natural beauty.  Get handy tips here.


Indonesia is a fascinating destination brimming with incredible scenery, pristine beaches, ancient temples and a mind-blowing food scene.  Find the best things to do here.


There's so much more to Macau than it's dazzling casinos. This country state is jam-packed with a rich history, diverse culture, and exciting things to do, see and try. Find out everything you need to know about visiting Macau here.


The island nation of Singapore might be small, but what it lacks in size, it sure does make up for in architecture, culture, diversity, and food. Delve deeper into the culture, traditions, and amazing attractions as you discover Singapore here.


Whether you're into authentic Japanese cuisine, fascinated by culture or love diverse natural surroundings; Japan has it all. Dive into colorful temples and shrines, explore sublime gardens, discover top sights, and get handy tips on what to do on your visit. Discover Japan here.


Malaysia stretches over two main islands in South East Asia. The country is home to lush jungles, sublime beaches, bustling cities, and age-old traditions. Find out what not to miss on your Malaysia trip here.

South Korea

South Korea might not be on your destinations list yet, but it sure should be. With touches of old-world charm nestled in-between modern cityscapes, South Korea is full of character and charm. Discover South Korea here.


From its bustling cities brimming with street food markets and iconic landmarks to its white sandy beaches and lush jungles, Thailand is an incredible destination to visit. If you aren't sure where to start, plan the perfect trip with these handy guides.

South Africa

South Africa is a country rich in diversity; from its culture and history to its friendly nation and magnificent landscapes. If you haven't been to South Africa yet, get ready to add it to your bucket list. Read more about South Africa here.


There are so many beautiful places to explore in Vietnam. The country is brimming with lively streets, centuries-old landmarks, beautiful beaches, and excellent street food. Learn more about Vietnam here.