Kyoto: Don’t miss these top sights on your trip

Kyoto: Don’t miss these top sights on your trip

Kyoto is a melting pot of culture, religion, and ancient history, which is precisely why this sacred city is one destination not to miss. Get ready to explore the top Kyoto sights, here in this guide!

Surrounded by breathtaking mountain ranges, Kyoto lies in the heart of Japan’s Honshu island. Once the home to the Emperor and Japan’s former capital for 1200 years, Kyoto oozes with ‘old Japan’ charm. The city’s age-old history is evident in its 1000 impressive Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, and imperial palaces. Also, Kyoto boasts with gorgeous Japanese gardens, colorful architecture, and culinary delights. And as a result, making it one of the most visited cities in all of Japan!

Planning the perfect trip to Kyoto can be a bit tricky – especially considering how many awesome things there are to do and see here. In this guide, we highlight the top Kyoto sights you shouldn’t miss on your visit. However, if you are keen to see a bit more of the region, also be sure to check out these fantastic day trips from Kyoto.

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Japan: Kyoto | Traveling to Kyoto? Check out these top sights not to miss on your trip. #japan #kyoto #autumntravel #destination #topsights

Top Kyoto Sights not to Miss

Before you jet off to explore the many amazing sights in Kyoto, it’s a good idea to book accommodation well in advance. Hotels is Kyoto can be heavy on the pocket, so doing proper research beforehand is crucial. The city has a wealth of options ranging in budget and style, but if you need a bit of help, here are some great places to stay in Kyoto with kids.

Kyoto Station

Getting around in Kyoto is extremely easy. The city has a highly efficient transportation system allowing easy access to all major tourist spots. And it is here, at the Kyoto Station, where most of your journeys will start. Whether it is catching a taxi, taking the subway, whizzing off on the Shinkansen or hopping on a sightseeing bus; the Kyoto Station will make your travels a breeze.

The station boasts with beautiful architecture and a stunning Skyway Tunnel. It also serves as a gateway to several department stores. If you aren’t in a rush to catch a train, enjoy a stroll around the station, grab a relatively cheap meal, or head to the Skyway Tunnel on the 11th floor for terrific city views.ews.

Pro Tip

The station is huge. Although there are clear signs in English, Japanese and Chinese,  finding your way around can be a bit of a mission. So, to make getting around a bit easier, visit the station’s website here for a comprehensive map.
Kyoto station
The impressive Kyoto Station.

Kyoto Observation Tower

The Observation Tower is the tallest structure in Kyoto and offers panoramic views of the city and surrounding mountain ranges. The Sky Lounge is just as impressive; enjoy a light meal or cocktail here, before heading up to the Observation Tower. You can also buy souvenirs and some of Kyoto’s most famous treats in the main building’s entrance hall.

The tower is open seven days a week from 9 am – 9 pm. The admission fee will set you back ¥770.

Or, skip the queues…and get your ticket here:

Kyoto Tower Admission Ticket

If you want the best city views, visiting the Kyoto Tower should be high on your top Kyoto sights list. The best time to visit is in the evening. Not only will you have a chance to see the whole city lit up, but I also found it to be less crowded and incredibly romantic.

Higashi Hongan-Ji

If you want to have a gentle stroll around, pop into the Higashi Temple. The temple is only a 5-10 minute walk away from the Kyoto Station and Observation Tower. The main hall is the largest wooden structure in Kyoto. And, very impressive to see first-hand.

You can visit the beautiful grounds from early morning to 17:30, daily. There’s also one more perk to visiting here, entrance to the complex is free.

Higashi temple
Higashi Temple’s courtyard.

Nishiki Market

Nishiki Market, better known as ‘Kyoto’s Kitchen’ is a food lover’s paradise. With more than 100 stalls and restaurants lining a five block narrow walking street, it’s hard not to snack on local delicacies here. Just about anything foodrelated is sold at the market; from fresh seafood and sake to pickled goods and sweets.

I loved strolling around the market and sampling all the delicacies on offer here. There are, however, some pretty freaky things, half of which I couldn’t even name. But, if you are a more adventurous eater, or want to sample some weird and wonderful Japanese treats, don’t forget to add Nishiki Market to your top Kyoto sights list!

Pro Tip

Nishiki Market gets quite lively. So, it’s best to time your visit here. If you want to avoid the crowds or tour groups, come in the early morning instead.
Nishiki market
A wide variety of pickled goods can be found at Nishiki Market.
Nishiki Market
Nishiki Market is a culinary delight.


This remarkable Buddhist temple is also known as the “Pure Water Temple.” It is one of Japan’s most famous temples and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Founded in 780, Kiyomizu-Dera offers visitors a glimpse into Japan’s religious history accompanied by breathtaking city views.

Here you can wander around gorgeous gardens, make secret wishes, and duck into cute little shops selling all kinds of Japanese trinkets. So, if you are looking to buy some souvenirs, this is the perfect spot to find some. You will be able to find everything from authentic tea sets to handmade postcards and sake to traditional snacks on offer here.

When making your way around the grounds and sublime gardens, be sure to stop in at one of the many tea houses! Here you can sit back and relax with a cup of Matcha (Japanese green tea) and some local sweet treats. And of course, really enjoy the beautiful surrounding scenery. I found the cutest little outdoor tea house here and spent more than an hour sampling the tea and treats on offer.

You can reach Kiyomizu-Dera Temple by bus #100 or 206 from Kyoto Station. The ride only takes about 15 minutes, and the entrance fee is ¥400.

Fushimi-Inari Taisha

Based at the foot of Inari Mountain, is the Fushimi-Inari Shrine. It is one of Japan’s most famous Shinto shrines. And, for a good reason. With red torii gates lining parts of the 4km trial up Inari mountain, impressive red and gold temples, fox statues and beautiful city views, it’s hard not to be mesmerized by this shrine. Rightly so, making it one of the top Kyoto sights you should not miss on your trip.

Near the shrine’s entrance, you’ll also find a great selection of street food. Grab a few snacks before attempting the 2-hour hike up the mountain. If you don’t intend on hiking to the top,  magnificent views can still be enjoyed at one of the many lookout points along the way.

The grounds are open 24/7, and if you are visiting Japan on a shoestring budget, you’ll be pleased to learn that there luckily is no admission fee.

Pro Tip For Solo Female Travellers

Japan is extremely safe, but it is always best to err on the side of safety. This probably goes without saying, but it’s best to avoid walking alone very late at night. Also, it gets dark early, especially when visiting Kyoto in the fall or winter. So, if you do plan to hike the entire trail, I recommend sticking to daylight or hours.

Fushi inari shrine
Fushimi inari taisha
Make a wish at the Fushimi-Inari Shrine


Similarly to Fushimi-Inari, Heian Shrine is another top Shinto shrine of Kyoto, and Japan as a matter of fact. It is dedicated to the very first and last emperors ruling over Kyoto, so it plays quite an important role here in Kyoto. 

It’s a beautiful place to take a relaxing stroll around, as there are a few museums, an ornate entrance gate, and a full-court on the spacious grounds.

Take Kyoto bus #5 or 100 to reach Heian Shrine. The ride only takes about 30 minutes from Kyoto Station, and yet again, there is no admission fee to enter the area.


One of the top Kyoto sights is undoubtedly Kinkaku-Ji, or as it is more often referred to, the Golden Pavilion. This majestic structure has gold-plated top floors and overlooks a large pond, while sublime gardens surround it.

After a relaxing stroll around the gardens, and snapping up all those amazing pics, be sure to try the Gold Leaf ice cream at Kinkaku Soft. It’s insta famous!

The temple is open daily from 9 am – 5 pm and the entrance fee will set you back ¥500. Take bus #101 or 205 from Kyoto Station to reach the Golden Pavilion. The ride takes about 30-40 minutes.

Japan: Kyoto | Traveling to Kyoto? Check out these top Kyoto sights not to miss on your trip. #japan #kyoto #autumntravel #destination #topsights
Kinkaku-Ji overlooks a large pond and beautiful gardens surround the temple.
Japan: Kyoto | Traveling to Kyoto? Check out these top Kyoto sights not to miss on your trip. #japan #kyoto #autumntravel #destination #topsights
The Golden Pavilion shimmering bright.


Ginkaku-Ji, or more commonly referred to as the Silver Pavilion is another spectacular sight to add to your must-see top Kyoto sights list and was one of my favorite places to visit in Kyoto. Strolling around the gardens almost felt unreal, as every turn produced a new jaw-dropping moment for me – especially seeing that I timed my visit here during the best season, autumn.

Transcend yourself into luscious gardens, admire a striking zen sand garden, stroll along beautiful moss gardens, ponds, secluded miniature waterfalls and of course enjoy the foliage as you make your way around the circular route.

Getting to Ginkaku-Ji is most accessible by bus #5, 7 or 100 from Kyoto Station. The ride takes about 40 minutes, and the entrance fee is ¥500.

Japan: Kyoto | Traveling to Kyoto? Check out these top Kyoto sights not to miss on your trip. #japan #kyoto #autumntravel #destination #topsights


Gion is Kyoto’s traditional entertainment district and most probably one of the most famous areas in all of Kyoto. More so, if you are after fine dining and a classic Japanese nightlife scene. The alleyways are home to hundreds of beautiful traditional Japanese wooden houses filled with shops, tea houses, and fine dining restaurants. It is also one of the best places in the city to catch a glimpse of a geisha.e of a geisha.

By the way…

If you want to discover all the best spots to spot geishas, consider joining this Kyoto Geisha Districts Tour.  

You can reach Gion by bus #100 or 206 in 20 minutes from Kyoto Station. Alternatively, use the subway.

Pro Tip For Budget Travellers

Dining in Gion is extremely expensive. So, unless you plan to splurge, grab a bite before visiting the district. For more reasonable prices, pop into a fast food chain on one of the main streets. 

Japan: Kyoto | Traveling to Kyoto? Check out these top Kyoto sights not to miss on your trip. #japan #kyoto #autumntravel #destination #topsights
Traditional wooden houses lining the narrow streets of Gion.


The small atmospheric alleyway of Ponto-cho is within walking distance from Gion. This narrow cobbled alley is famous for its traditional architecture and let’s not forget the entertainment on offer here. Ponto-cho is more specifically home to many geiko houses, tea houses, bars, and restaurants – making it a great place to catch a glimpse of life in Kyoto.

Whether you want to have a pleasant stroll around, duck into one of the tea houses, or perhaps even hoping to catch a glimpse of a geisha – Ponto-cho is an excellent add-on to your top Kyoto sights!

Ponto-cho comes to life at night, so if you are after a fun night out, pop into one of the many bars that line the alleyway. But, if you want to get a glimpse into local life, I suggest ducking into an Izakaya – a traditional Japanese beer house that offers small barbecue eats.

Most shops and restaurants are open from 5 pm – 11 pm.

Pro Tip

Like Gion, Ponto-cho does not really cater to travelers on a tight budget. But, that does not mean you should give it a skip of your top Kyoto sights to-do list. Therefore, if you are on a shoestring budget, consider grabbing some Yakitori or pop into an Izakaya for more reasonable prices.
Japan: Kyoto | Traveling to Kyoto? Check out these top Kyoto sights not to miss on your trip. #japan #kyoto #autumntravel #destination #topsights
Small and intimate eateries line the narrow alleyway of Ponto-cho.

Getting to Kyoto

There are many ways to reach Kyoto, depending on your departure point. But, just to set you at ease, Japan has some of the best transportation systems in the world. So, getting to Kyoto is accessible by either train, bus, taxi, or even private transfers.

I traveled via the Japan Railways West train from Kansai Airport, which dropped me right at the Kyoto Main Station. It was easy, relatively fast, and affordable, considering Japan’s prices.

These are some of the easiest and most convenient ways to reach Kyoto…

Limousine Bus Transfers between Kansai International Airport (KIX) and Osaka or Kyoto Private Kansai International Airport Transfers (KIX) for Kyoto 5 Day JR Kansai WIDE Area Pass (KIX Pick Up)

If you’re hoping to see a bit more of Japan, be sure also to check out this Japan 2 week itinerary and guide for excellent tips and things to do across the country.


Have you been to any of these top Kyoto sights? And, what travel tips or hacks do you have for the top Kyoto sights? Drop your comments below.

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Japan: Kyoto | Traveling to Kyoto? Check out these top sights not to miss on your trip. #japan #kyoto #autumntravel #destination #topsights
Kyoto autumn leaves, close up shot

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  • It was quite a long time ago when I visited Kyoto. Your post brought me back beautiful memories. The highlights of my trip were definitely Kijomizu Dera and the Golden Pavilion. Loved your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Anita! Kiyomizu Dera was one of my favourites too, I loved all the little temples scattered about the grounds. Not to mention those beautiful city views.

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    Pure Water temple looks absolutely gorgeous! Good to know its a UNESCO Site too!
    The greenery everywhere is just gorgeous!

  • We just visited Kyoto in November. It is such an incredible city! We did not go to the observation tower, but we did see most of the other places listed here. Our absolute favourites were the Fushimi-Inari Taisha and Gion Geisha District. We had so much fun in Kyoto and hope to return there some day.

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    • Thank you Neha. I prefer doing things at my own pace too; seeing what I want, when I want.

      I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get from A to B in Kyoto, especially as this was my first solo female trip. All the research beforehand paid off. Plus, I totally mastered Google Maps!

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    • Fabulous Monica, thank you. You are going to love it!

      There are quite a few handy websites which forecast the best dates to see the autumn leaves. But, if you
      need any additional info, feel free to give us a shout.

  • Wow the Kyoto Observation Tower looks so much like the CN tower in Toronto! Kyoto is really amazing and I would definitely go back there anytime! Higashi Hongan-Ji temple really looks beautiful too!

  • How utterly gorgeous is Kiyomizu-Dera?! Well, everywhere you’ve mentioned really, but I’m totally blown away by those particular photos!
    Japan has never really been at the top of my “to-visit” list, so I haven’t really done much research into it, besides the obvious main tourist locations. So of everything you’ve mentioned I’d only actually previously heard of Fushimi-Inari Shrine – you’ve totally sold Kyoto to me!

    • Wow, Rhiannon, that’s awesome to hear ~ thank you. I hardly ever revisit a country/ city, but I would go back to Kyoto in a heartbeat! Even if one had a whole month to explore the city, it still wouldn’t be enough!

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  • I just booked another flight to Japan later this year, so I’ve been researching non-stop. Your post is by far the BEST one I’ve seen on Kyoto! This is the first time I’ve heard about the Kyoto Observation Tower, like what? How do so many people miss that! Can’t believe the Fushimi Inari Shrine is open 24/7, def going to check it out at night. Don’t worry, I’ll bring a friend 😉 Thanks so much for all this great information!

    • Thank you Kim! That’s wonderful news. 🙂 Fushimi Inari is gorgeous, day and night. But, my favorite part was witnessing the incredible sunset halfway up the mountain! Hope you get to see it – it will blow your mind!

    • Hey Agness,
      You could rent a bike, but Kyoto is huge! Which makes it nearly impossible to just explore on foot…or by bike (unless you are into serious cycling of course 😊). The easiest way to reach most of the attractions are by bus, train or subway. I’d suggest biking downtown or in the Gion area as both areas are pretty flat.

      You might enjoy visiting Kyoto’s neighbors, Nara & Arashiyama too. Both cities are much smaller and biking around would totally be doable. Feel free to head to our Japan section if you’d like to read more about them.

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