10 Most Instagrammable Places in Hong Kong

10 Most Instagrammable Places in Hong Kong

As one of the most vibrant cities in Asia, Hong Kong is an excellent city to take Instagram-worthy photos. Whether you are an influencer looking for unique photos or simply have a passion for capturing travel moments through your lens, there are tons of amazing Instagrammable places in Hong Kong!

In this guide, we set out the top Hong Kong Instagram spots. You’ll get a chance to visit temples, marvel at cityscapes, and explore a few hidden gems. For instance, dive into Man Mo Temple, the oldest temple in the city. Then relax on beautiful Lantau Island where you can admire the impressive Big Buddha or visit the Insta-famous Choi Hung Estate to take some of the most colorful pictures in the city – and that’s just to name a few!

Ready to dive right into the best Hong Kong Instagram spots? Let’s go! Here are the 10 most Instagrammable places in Hong Kong – as recommended by traveling friends from around the globe!

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10 Most Instagrammable places in Hong Kong

From temples and cool street art to museums, panoramic cityscapes and trendy neighborhoods – Hong Kong is a mecca for street photographers looking for instagram-worthy photos. Here are our favorite Hong Kong Instagram spots!

Chi Lin Nunnery & Nan Lian Garden

Chi Lin Nunnery & Nan Garden boasts beautiful gardens perfect for taking Instagrammable photos.

It’s easy to get caught in the visual chaos of downtown Hong Kong. While the city’s towering birdcage blocks and bustling streets are full of character and extremely photogenic, there are plenty of places where you can find an escape.

Chi Lin Nunnery and the adjoining Nan Lian Garden is one of Hong Kong’s green lungs. It’s a perfect place to snap a few photos and mix up your grid with a splash of green. Nestled atop a hill surrounded by apartment blocks, the contrast between the neatly manicured temple gardens and the looming concrete buildings is incredible. The grounds are pretty as a picture, with symmetrically arranged bonsai trees, courtyards, coin-roof temples, and a shining gold pagoda nestled among the trees.

Visitors can easily reach the complex by bus from anywhere in Hong Kong. I recommend arriving early in the morning if you want to photograph the gardens without lots of people around. Note that photography is not permitted in some areas of the nunnery. This is, however, clearly signed when you enter. – By Emily from Wander-Lush.


Choi Hung Estate

The colorful building of Choi Hung Estate make for perfect Instagram photos

Choi Hung Estate might be one of the oldest public housing estates in Hong Kong, but it’s also a great place to take colorful Instagram photos. Rightly earning its spot as one of the most Instagrammable places in Hong Kong!

The estate is home to 11 buildings, 2 markets and even a couple of schools. But, what has really made it so Insta-famous is its rainbow-like buildings – hence the name Rainbow Village (actual translation). There are several cool places to take photos, but the most famous spot is undeniable the basketball court.

It gets quite crowded, so I recommend timing your visit here. Stick to early mornings (i.e. super early) if you want to avoid the crowds. And more importantly, please always remember to be mindful of the residents.

The estate is located in Kowloon, so it’s pretty easy to reach by public transport (bus/ MTR). The easiest way to find the basketball court is via the parking lot. From here, you can easily spot it.

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Lion Rock

Hiking to the summit of Lion Rock

What we love about Hong Kong is all the great urban hiking you can do while visiting the city. One of the most impressive hikes in the city is Lion’s Rock. Giant rocks spring out of the greenery of the park forming the shape a lion’s head – hence the name. Some would agree that it takes a lot of imagination to see the shapes, but few can deny the beauty you’ll find from the top of this hike.

Those that make the trek to the top are rewarded with stunning skyline views and a chance to escape the steel and concrete of the city for a few hours. If you are up for a little adventure, be sure to add this unique viewpoint to your Hong Kong trip. – By Adam from GettingStamped.


Lok Wah South Estate

One the most instagrammable places in Hong Kong has to be these funky blue circles.

This place is located at Lok Wah South Estate, and it’s actually on top of a parking garage. There are two levels, with each of these concrete blocks with circles. Depending on the day and light, the blue color will look different. Sometimes there are also cool patterns, and you can make lots of creative photos here.

If you can’t find it when you get to Lok Wah South Estate, just ask one of the locals, and they will guide you. It’s next to the bus stop, and you will see it if you look up.

The best time to go here is early morning. It has become one of the most popular Hong Kong Instagram spots, so it tends to get crowded later during the day. I loved it because it’s such a cool spot and the fact that it’s located on top of a parking garage makes it even cooler. – By Alex from the Swedish Nomad.

Looking for the most Instagrammable places in Hong Kong? Then, check out these epic Hong Kong Instagram spots! Plus get all the tips and tricks you need to get your Insta-game on! hong kong photography | hong kong photography cityscapes | hong kong photography instagram | hong kong travel guide

Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple is not only a cool photo spot in Hong Kong it's the perfect place to explore one of Hong Kong's oldest temples.

The Instagram game is strong at the Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong – a worship place for the God of Literature and the God of War. Walking into this incense-filled temple is like stepping into another world. Located in Sheung Wan on Hollywood Road, Hong Kong Island, the temple looks unassuming from the outside but is spectacularly vibrant within.

My favourite shot from my visit is of the roof full of incense coils, spilling haze over the temple’s visitors. Photographers and tourists should be mindful that this is still an active place of worship, so whilst you’re trying to snap that perfect shot, it is also important not to disturb the locals who’ve come to pray.

The nearest railway station is Sheung Wan station and from there it’s a quick six-minute stroll to the temple. It’s free to enter and wander around and the complex itself isn’t huge, so you’ll easily be done in half an hour (up to an hour if you’re hankering for that perfect snap). It’s also a good idea to know that Man Mo temple is open every day from 8am – 6pm. – By Emma from Emma Jane Explores.

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Ocean Park

the cool bird cages at ocean park

There’s no shortage of Instagrammable places at Hong Kong’s arguably best (and oldest!) theme park, Ocean Park. From the breathtaking views of the cable car that you can take to arrive here to getting close to some giant pandas, discovering unique marine life or taking a thrilling ride – there’s something here for everyone. There’s photo opportunities around every corner, the best of which being, the old Hong Kong village, the sea jelly aquarium and the cable car views.

Prepare to walk a lot in the park and as with most theme parks, it’s better to arrive early, often as soon as they open to avoid long line ups. You can buy tickets before coming which will also help to save some time and plan at least a half day, although you can easily spend the entire day there and still be left wanting to see more. – By Monica of Ahlan Monica.


Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

10000 buddhas monastery is the perfect instagram spot in Hong Kong

Tucked away behind a shopping mall in Sha Tin is one of Hong Kong’s most Instagrammable places. The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery stands at the top of a hill at the end of a long and sweaty hike, but the path that leads to it is the star attraction. Hundreds of life-sized golden Buddha statues line the entire route.

Every dazzling statue is completely unique, each representing a different Buddhist monk or saint. Surrounded by forests, the entire path is an Instagrammer’s dream, though the hike and the humidity can be less than flattering. If you’re lucky you might also spot a few monkeys that live in the surrounding forests.

To get to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery take exit B at Sha Tin station. Turn left at the HomeSquare mall on to Pai Tau Street, then right at Sheung Wo Che Road. At the end of the road is a small path which leads straight there. 

The walk to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is very steep so take plenty of water. It’s best to go early in the morning before the heat and humidity really kick in. – By James from Where You’re Between.

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Tian Tan Buddha

Hong Kong's most iconic landmark, the big buddha is just the place to take instagrammable photos

The Tian Tan Buddha, also known as the Big Buddha, is the biggest attraction on the island of Lantau in Hong Kong. The second-largest outdoor bronze seated Buddha, making it one of Asia’s most iconic landmarks. The Buddha is best admired from the base of the 268 steps it takes to get to the top of Mount Muk Yue where the Buddha is seated.

The steps, prayer flags, devotees climbing and descending and the serene Buddha on top make for a memorable image. Little wonder this is one of the most Instagrammable places in Hong Kong. Once done, take in the serene surroundings and surrender yourself to this Buddhist place and visit the Po Lin Monastery opposite the Big Buddha to continue exploring this fantastic place. 

Reaching here is fairly simple. Once visitors exit the Tung Chung MTR station, you can take a 25-minute cable car ride to Ngong Ping from where the Tian Tan Buddha is a five-minute walk away. It’s best to reach early (around 10am) when the grounds open and before the crowds come in. – By Priyanko from Constant Traveller.


Victoria Harbour

for instagrammable photos of the Hong Kong cityscape, Victoria Peak is the perfect place to go

If you’re looking for one of the most Instagrammable places in Hong Kong, there’s no better spot than Victoria Harbour! With incredible views of the city’s skyscrapers, traditional Chinese junks sailing around and a spectacular light show every evening, Victoria Harbour is extremely photogenic. It’s also one of the must-see spots in Hong Kong.

Although amazing views can be enjoyed from both Central and Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pier, I love strolling around the promenade on the latter. There is currently some construction underway (an extended walkway is being built), but there are plenty of photo ops to be had nontheless.

Although Hong Kong in general is pretty much crowded everywhere, the harbour is actually not that busy mid-mornings. Also, if you want to snap some night shots of the Symphony of Lights, the show starts at 8pm (daily). But, be sure to come a bit earlier so that you can get a good vantage point in front of all the crowds.

The easiest way to get there is by MTR (red line) to Tsim Sha Tsui station, Exit J. Alternatively, take the Star Ferry from Central – it’s dirt cheap and a lovely way to see the cityscape!


Victoria Peak

red sail junk boat Victoria harbor Hong Kong

Any visit to Hong Kong would not be complete without visiting Victoria Peak – the most popular tourist attraction in the city. And it is exactly here where you can get all those iconic shots of Hong Kong’s skyline. Apart from the postcard-perfect views, there is actually quite a lot to do here! So, come early and prepare to spend at least 3-5 hours here.

Start your journey with a ride on the Peak Tram – one of the world’s oldest and most famous funicular railways. Once you reach the top of Mount Austin, make your way to the Sky Terrace 428 (located in the Peak Tower), for panoramic views. Afterwards, immerse yourself in the lush greenery surrounding this popular spot by strolling along one of the many nature trails.

If you still want to have a look around, visit the Peak Tram Historical Gallery exhibiting more than 200 memorabilia, Madame Tussauds or pop into one of the many restaurants and coffee shops. For those looking to buy trinkets or souvenirs, head to the Peak Market on P1 of the Peak Tower.

To get here, take the MTR to Central station and then head to Exit L. It’s an easy 10-minute walk to the tram’s entrance. Alternatively, the Hop On Hop Off bus also stops just outside the entrance.

Pro Tips: Hong Kong is an expensive city to travel and prices are generally a bit steep. But luckily, there are a few ways to make you trip a bit more pocket friendly. These practical Hong Kong travel tips will come in handy to help you make the most of your Hong Kong trip!

Hong Kong Instagram Spots in Conclusion

As you can see, there are so many cool places to take photos in Hong Kong. I hope this guide helped you to find the best Instagrammable places in Hong Kong!

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Have you been to any of these Instagrammable places in Hong Kong yet? Which Hong Kong photo location is your favorite? If you have any other suggestions to add to this Hong Kong Instagram spots list, let us know in the comments below! We’d love to add them here!

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Hong Kong | Asia || Want to know what the most Instagrammable places in Hong Kong are? Then, check out our top picks here in this guide. Plus get all the handy tips and tricks you need to get your Insta-game on! #hongkong #asia #travel #instagramguide #traveltips #instaspots #instagrammable #travelguide #bestcityguides #bestplacestogo
Hong Kong | Asia || Want to know what the most Instagrammable places in Hong Kong are? Then, check out our top picks here in this guide. Plus get all the handy tips and tricks you need to get your Insta-game on! #hongkong #asia #travel #instagramguide #traveltips #instaspots #instagrammable #travelguide #bestcityguides #bestplacestogo

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