Krabi Itinerary: 5 Perfect Days in Krabi

Krabi Itinerary: 5 Perfect Days in Krabi

Wondering what to do in Krabi? Follow my super detailed guide to discover the best things to do in Krabi on this 5 day Krabi itinerary. 

Revered for its breathtaking limestone cliffs jutting out from land and sea, tranquil waters of the Andaman sea, thick mangrove forests, and mindblowing offshore islands, Krabi is a must on any Thailand travel itinerary. 

Located in Southern Thailand, Krabi Province offers the most beautiful scenery imaginable and is undeniably one of the most stunning places to visit in Asia

Whether you want to soak up the sun, lounge on beautiful powdery white-sand beaches, explore the nearby islands, or try an array of fun adventure activities – a visit to Krabi offers something for everyone! 

That said, most travelers only spend 3 days in Krabi, and while a 3 day Krabi itinerary will allow ample time to get a taste of Krabi’s best bits, you’ll be able to get so much more out of your trip with an extra 2 days. I’ve visited Krabi several times and trust me; you’ll definitely want to stay longer!

So instead of the usual 3 day Krabi itinerary, I’ve crafted this fully flexible 5 day Krabi itinerary. It unpacks the very best things to do in Krabi and includes tons of tips to help you plan the perfect Krabi itinerary!

Read along to find out what to do in Krabi in my comprehensive Krabi itinerary for 5 days! 

Just one of the many beautiful islands dotted near Krabi's coastline.
Exploring the stunning islands near Krabi is definitely a highlight on any Krabi itinerary.

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Before you visit Krabi

Before you visit Krabi, make sure to read my in-depth Krabi travel guides. They’re jam-packed with savvy tips to help you plan the perfect Krabi itinerary in no time.

If this is your first visit to the “Land of Smiles”, these Thailand travel tips will also come in handy.

Krabi Itinerary Pre-Travel Tips

Planning a trip to Krabi is relatively easy since the region is very tourist-friendly. However, Krabi covers quite a large area. As a consequence, there are a few things that you’ll need in place to guarantee a hassle-free Krabi vacation. Here are some travel tips and hacks to help you plan the perfect Krabi itinerary.   

  • Search the best hotels in Krabi. Krabi is quite a tourist hotspot, so rooms tend to fill up quickly. Make sure to book accommodation well in advance. Also, expect steep prices during peak seasons.
  • If you’re traveling with lots of luggage, or not comfortable catching a bus from the airport, booking a private transfer is an excellent alternative.
  • Wifi is widely available at most tourist spots, restaurants, and hotels in Krabi. But if you prefer to have internet on the go, grabbing a 4G sim card is highly encouraged. By doing so, you’ll never have to worry about accessing maps, checking transport schedules, or planning your stops. Alternatively, pick up pocket wifi while still in Bangkok
  • Thailand is a safe country to visit, but scams and petty theft are not uncommon. Make sure you and your belongings are covered by grabbing travel insurance with World Nomads. The best part, it only takes a few clicks to apply online!
  • If you aren’t comfortable navigating Krabi on your own, or perhaps traveling in a group, this Krabi private custom tour allows you to see all the highlights without the headache of planning out a trip.
  • While it’s great to discover all of Krabi’s best bits independently, having a travel guide handy is always a good idea. This Lonely Planet includes tons of valuable tips on traveling Thailand and was a lifesaver on my Krabi solo trip. 

In a rush? Save this Krabi 5 day itinerary for later.

Planning on visiting Krabi, Thailand soon? Find out what to do and see in this super detailed Krabi itinerary for 5 days. This guide is jam-packed with savvy tips and includes everything you need to know to plan the perfect Krabi trip! #krabi #krabithailand

When to Visit Krabi, Thailand 

South Thailand has two very distinctive seasons, a dry season and a wet season. The best time to visit Krabi is during the dry season, which runs from November through March. During this time, you can expect pleasant temperatures and sunny blue skies – perfect for a Krabi beach getaway. 

Krabi’s off-season starts in April and runs through October. April is the hottest month in Krabi Province, and October sees the most rain during the year. Although it is possible to enjoy good weather during the wet season, frequent downpours aren’t uncommon. 

How to Get to Krabi, Southern Thailand

Krabi is a vast province in Southern Thailand and includes several popular destinations stretched over land and sea. These include Krabi TownAo NangKoh Phi Phi, and beautiful Koh Lanta, to name just a few. 

Krabi International Airport is the main gateway to Krabi Province, and most likely the starting point of your Krabi itinerary. There are many daily flights from Bangkok to Krabi, as well as elsewhere in Thailand and Asia. For those backpacking Thailand, this SEA transport guide includes lots of tips to help navigate your travels.

Once at the airport, it’s easy to access the rest of the province by land or sea. If you’re visiting the nearby islands or Railay, you can take a ferry, speedboat, or long-tail boat to access them. Inland there is also an array of taxis, buses, tuk-tuks, and songthaews ready to transport you to all corners of Ao Nang and Krabi Town.

Joining a island hopping tour to Chicken Island is an excellent add-on to any Krabi travel itinerary.

How to Get to Your Destination From Krabi Airport

If this is your first visit to Krabi, I recommend basing yourself in Ao Nang or Railay. From here, it’s easy to explore the rest of Krabi Province. 

To get to Ao Nang from the airport, it’s a good idea to book a discounted transfer in advance. Alternatively, take the shuttle bus (150 Baht) or order a fixed-rate transfer at the airport upon arrival (600 Baht).  

The fastest and easiest way to get to Railay is to book a direct transfer with your hotel. Railay is wholly cut off by land, so it is slightly harder to get there, especially if you are traveling with lots of luggage. If that is not an option for you, make your way to Ao Nang Private Boat Club or Ao Nam Mao Pier in order to catch a long-tail boat to Railay

Travel Tip: Make sure to read my Ao Nang and Railay travel guides for in-depth tips and tricks on how to access both of these places in Krabi. 

If you are headed to Koh Lanta or Koh Phi Phi directly from the airport and haven’t booked a transfer in advance, don’t worry. There are several stalls within the arrivals hall where you can quickly get this sorted out. 

Krabi Itinerary Quick Overview

Here’s a quick look at what’s covered in this fully flexible Krabi itinerary for 5 days. 

Krabi Day 1: Start your Krabi itinerary by exploring the laid-back beach town of Ao Nang, visit dreamy beaches, catch the sunset, and eat your way through the night market. 

Krabi Day 2: Discover Krabi’s stunning coastal scenery and swim in crystal clear waters full of marine life.  

Krabi Day 3: Visit one of Krabi’s best gems – Railay Beach. Explore the caves and stunning beaches, hike to the Railay Viewpoint, swim in a secret lagoon, or try rock climbing

Krabi Day 4: Take a ferry to dreamy Koh Phi Phi, one of Thailand’s top islands. Visit the nearby islands, snorkel in glass-colored waters, hike to the Phi Phi Viewpoint and experience the bustling nightlife scene. 

Krabi Day 5: On your last day in Krabi, it’s time to unwind. Take a cooking class, soak in a hot spring, or pamper yourself at a spa. 

Taking a day trip to discover the best Islands near Krabi is a fun day out.

The Ultimate 5 Day Krabi Itinerary: The Best Things to do in Krabi

Now that you know when to visit Krabi and how to get to Krabi, it’s time to find out where to go and what to do! 

Ready to discover the best things to do in Krabi? Let’s dive into my Krabi itinerary for 5 days! 

Krabi Itinerary Day 1: Explore Ao Nang 

On your first day in Krabi, you’ll have ample town to settle in and orientate yourself to Ao Nang town.  

Ao Nang is a bustling little seaside town with plenty to entice travelers. Make sure to read my super detailed guide on top things to do in Ao Nang, as well as my guide on the best places to stay in Ao Nang on any budget. 

The very first thing you’ll want to do after arriving at the airport is to catch the local airport shuttle bus (150 Thai Baht) or grab a transfer (600 Thai Baht) to get to your accommodation in Ao Nang town stress-free. (Pre-book a shared transfer or a private transfer here). 

Once you’ve settled in, it’s time to see what Ao Nang has on offer! Here are my top recommendations on what to do in Ao Nang on your first day in Krabi. 

Head to the Beach

Ao Nang is blessed with an incredible laid-back vibe, a bustling nightlife scene, great food, and gorgeous beaches. While most travelers flock to Ao Nang Beach to enjoy the sand and sea, a short stroll further you’ll find Nopphorat Tara Beach. 

Nopphorat Thara is a great beach to chill for a few hours and the ideal spot if you want to get away from the crowds. The main road is lined with lots of cute beach bars and restaurants. So, if the heat gets too much for you or if you simply want to enjoy an ice-cold beer with a view, the options are endless!

Tranquil beach setting

Take a Sunset Cruise

Another fun thing to do in Ao Nang is to join a sunset cruise. It’s a great way to see Krabi’s spectacular coastline and scenery from the water while you sail past several of Krabi’s most famous islands. The best part? You can jump off the boat and discover the diverse underwater world along the way. 

Snack Your Way Through the Night Market

After watching the epic sunset, it’s time to head to the Ao Nang Night Market to feast on incredible treats. While Ao Nang’s food market isn’t nearly as big as the night market in Krabi Town, it is one of the most popular night markets in Krabi and should not be overlooked. 

Ao Nang Night Market boasts a great selection of food, and you’ll find many vendors selling tasty Thai street food like pad Thai, Thai pancakes, sticky mango rice, fresh seafood, and all kinds of kebabs. 

Visiting Ao Nang Night Market.

Krabi Itinerary Day 2: Go Island Hopping 

If you only have 2 days in Krabi, exploring its beautiful islands is a must-do. 

Krabi is blessed with 80 marvelous islands near its shores and, consequently, quite a hotspot for island hopping. That said, there are a few Krabi islands that you definitely shouldn’t miss on your Krabi 5 days itinerary. 

While it’s possible to rent a long-tail boat for a day to explore Krabi at your leisure, the easiest way to discover Krabi’s gems are on an organized tour. Make sure also to read my detailed guide on the best islands near Krabi for more tips on which islands not to miss.

Hopping in a long-tail boat to explore the dreamy islands near Krabi's coastline should not be missed.

Krabi 4 Islands Tour

You can’t visit Krabi without adding an island hopping tour to your 5 day Krabi itinerary!

The Krabi 4 Islands tour is the perfect opportunity to see some of Thailand’s most dreamy islands. The tour stops at four islands, namely Phra Nang Cave, Koh Tup, Koh Poda and Chicken Island. It’s a fun day trip to take, and there are lots of opportunities to snorkel, swim, or lie under a coconut tree. 

Taking this full day tour is a great way to see the best of the best and will allow you to maximize your time in Krabi.

Taking a Krabi 4 island day tour is a highlight on any 5 days in Krabi itinerary.

Hong Island Tour

Another excellent day tour, I highly recommend, is spending a day at Hong Island. Besides the exquisite beaches, Hong Island boasts crystal clear turquoise water full of marine life. The best part, you don’t need to go very deep to see all kids of bright-colored fish dashing past you. 

After you’ve explored the treasures below, make sure to take a hike through the island’s thick jungle or rent a kayak to explore the dreamy turquoise lagoon. 

Exploring Krabi's diverse and tranquil coastline.

Krabi Itinerary Day 3: Explore Railay Beach 

When spending time in Krabi, a visit to Railay Beach is a huge must! Revered for its gorgeous beaches, stunning craggy cliffs, countless adventure-filled activities, and chilled out vibes, Railay is the perfect add-on to any Krabi itinerary. It’s also the perfect spot to experience outdoor adventures in Thailand!

What really sets Railay Beach apart from other gems in Krabi is its location. Since Railay is completely cut-off by land access, you’ll need to catch a long-tail boat to get here. Luckily, Railay is only a 10-minute long-tail boat ride from Ao Nang, making it easy to access.

While Railay is relatively small, there’s also plenty to do and see. From rock climbing and kayaking to hiking, swimming in a secret lagoon and much more! Read my super detailed guide on the most unmissable things to do in Railay for more tips. 

Railay Beach packs the perfect mix of outdoor fun, pristine beaches, and epic sunsets.

Krabi Itinerary Day 4: Head out to Koh Phi Phi 

If you have 4 days in Krabi, you’ll have ample time to visit the gorgeous Phi Phi islands. The islands are beautiful and possibly the most beautiful islands in Asia!

If you just want to take it easy, head straight to the beach to enjoy the sand and sea. Many shops sell or rent snorkel gear, so it’s easy to explore the warm waters at your leisure. Afterward, kick back at one of the cute beach bars with a boozy cocktail as you wait for the epic sunset. 

More adventurous travelers shouldn’t miss the chance to catch the epic sunset from the Phi Phi Viewpoint. It’s a short hike taking no longer than 30 minutes, but prepare to break a sweat. Once at the top, you’ll be rewarded panoramic views over the islands, sea, and cliffs. It’s truly magical! 

While it is possible to take a day trip to Koh Phi Phi by speedboat, I suggest staying overnight or even longer if you’re Krabi itinerary is flexible. 

Travel Tip: If you’re visiting Koh Phi Phi during peak season, make sure to book accommodations well in advance. Koh Phi Phi is a popular destination, so hotels fill up rather quickly. I suggest staying somewhere central as some parts of the island is only accessible by a long-tail boat. The Holiday Inn Resort is a great mid-range option, while Phi Phi Coco Beach Resort is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an upscale secluded stay. 

Krabi Itinerary Day 5: Unwind and Soak up the Vibes

On the last day of your Krabi 5 day itinerary, reward yourself for getting through Krabi’s top attractions on this Krabi itinerary! Here are my recommendations on what to do in Krabi on day 5. 

Join a Cooking class

Start your morning by learning the ins and outs of Thai cooking! 

Joining a cooking class in Krabi is a massive must while visiting Thailand, and also a fun way to master a new skill. During the cooking class, you’ll prepare seven local dishes of your choice and get lots of tips to take back home with you. 

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make Thai food, but don’t let that fool you, you’ll work up quite an appetite during this 3-hour cooking course

Master the ins and outs of Thai cuisine by going a fun cooking class.

Soak in a Hot Spring 

A great way to get away from the crowds is to head out to Wareerak Hot Spring. Located near the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve, this is the perfect place to spend your last day in Krabi. The springs are surrounded by lush jungle, making it an excellent place for nature seekers. 

After a soak in the steamy pools, make sure to drop by the dreamy Emerald Pool a bit further afield. It’s a short trek, and you’ll pass by gentle streams, waterfalls, and tropical plant life along the way. If you still have energy, climb the 1,237 steps to the top of Tiger Cave Temple, where you’ll be rewarded with a bird’s-eye view over the Krabi basin.

Stopping by the Emerald Pool to explore Krabi's lush interior is a must-do on any Krabi itinerary.

Get a Thai Massage

No visit to Krabi, or Thailand, would be complete without experiencing a Thai massage. 

Massage parlors are practically on every corner, so it’s really easy to find one. If you’re looking for something a bit more upscale, I suggest spending the afternoon at Boossabakorn Spa for a full pamper session.

What to Wear in Krabi: Krabi Packing List

Since the weather in Krabi is mostly hot and humid, it’s best to pack light, breathable clothes. Besides the usual beachwear like swimwear, t-shirts, shorts, light dresses, and skirts, it’s a good idea also to pack flip-flops, sunglasses, and a hat.

Here are a few more essentials to add to your Krabi packing list:

  • You’ll probably need a travel adapter for your visit to Krabi and the rest of Thailand. This world travel adapter is lightweight and covers more than 160 countries.
  • You won’t have trouble finding sunscreen in Krabi, but since most of them aren’t always eco-friendly, it’s a good idea to bring your own. This reef-safe sunscreen doesn’t contain a whitening agent, and its the perfect choice for eco-friendly or vegan travelers. 
  • Make sure you pack a lightweight microfibre towel that will dry quickly and won’t weigh you down. These Dock & Bay towels come in lots of different colors and sizes, making them the perfect choice. 
  • The weather in Krabi can be somewhat unpredictable, especially during the wet season. Pack a lightweight travel umbrella that won’t weigh you down.
  • Don’t forget your camera! I never travel without my Olympus Mirrorless Camera; it’s not as bulky as a DSLR, so it doesn’t weigh one down. However, if you prefer to travel with something more lightweight, a GoPro is always an excellent choice. Just a heads-up for drone users — most of the islands near Krabi do not allow the use of drones, so it’s best to do proper research before your Thailand trip. 
Thailand boasts paradise beach settings lined with towering palm trees.

Is Krabi safe for female solo travelers? 

While Krabi is an excellent destination for couples, friends, or family trips, it is also a great place for solo travelers. If you are a solo female traveler and wondering if a Krabi getaway is for you, start packing those bags because it absolutely is! 

Krabi is a very safe destination, and I had a great time exploring the region solo. That said, please use the same common sense you would anywhere else in our beautiful world. It’s also a good idea to do a bit of research on common scams in Thailand and get proper travel cover. 

5 Days Krabi Itinerary Conclusion 

Whether you have 3 days in Krabi or planning to spend 5 days or more here, Krabi is an excellent add-on to any Thailand itinerary. Although these are just a handful of the top attractions in Krabi, I hope this guide will come in handy when planning your Krabi itinerary. 

That wraps up this Krabi travel guide. Have you visited Krabi yet? What’s your favorite thing to do in Krabi? And, what suggestions do you have for fellow travelers planning a 5 day Krabi itinerary? Drop your comments below. 

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Planning on visiting Krabi, Thailand soon? Find out what to do and see in this super detailed Krabi itinerary for 5 days. This guide is jam-packed with savvy tips and includes everything you need to know to plan the perfect Krabi trip! #krabi #krabithailand

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