The best 5 snacks you should buy in Singapore

The best 5 snacks you should buy in Singapore

Wondering which Singapore snacks to try or buy on your trip? If so, you’re in luck! This post sets out 5 of my favorite Singapore snacks which you shouldn’t miss on your visit to the city!

One of my favorite things to do when I’m traveling is to try some of the local snacks. Now I’m talking about all the fabulous food you have to try in restaurants. Or even the to-die-for street food.

Instead, I’m referring to those high-in-calory bad boys. The ones that ultimately diminishes all the effort you put in at the gym that week, but which are still worthy of some form of recognition, even if it is small.

Yup…chocolates, sweets, chips, cookies, and everything in-between that’s filled with too much sugar and not healthy at all sometimes need a little praise, also. And to be honest, who doesn’t have the urge to devour delicious snacks once in a while?

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Singapore | Wondering which snacks to try in Singapore? Or the looking for the perfect souvenir snack? We’ve handpicked our 5 favorite Singaporean snacks which you simply have to try on your trip. #singapore #snacks #souvenirs #whattoeat #whattobuy #travel #asia

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The Best Singapore Snacks

Singapore has so many unique and tasty snacks and drinks to try. And even though I tried much more than what is outlined in this post (don’t worry, I did more than enough walking to burn those calories), I wanted to narrow my fav list down to the best five snacks you have to try in Singapore. 

Milo Nuggets

milo nuggets make great snacks.

Who doesn’t love Milo…no one, right? Well, even if you don’t, you might just be hooked after trying these bites of joy. They are nothing short of oh so delicious, melt-in-the-mouth goodness. And of course, precisely what you’d expect from a Milo product – silky-smooth milk chocolate with loads of crunch – making them simply #lipsmackinggood.

Cup Noodle Black Pepper Crab Potato Chips

If you haven’t been to Singapore yet, you might be surprised to learn that chilli crab is actually one of the country’s national dishes. In fact, it’s so famous, that the delicious taste is now part of many snacks and treats that you can find in stores. Luckily for us snackers, it means finding something with this unique and tasty flavour couldn’t be easier.

I tried the black pepper crab chips. And boy oh boy, they certainly did not disappoint. These chips are so tasty I actually regret not buying more of them. They are light, super crunchy and unlike other chips which beg for more flavor. Each bite is packed with flavor and has just the right amount of peppery spiciness.

Oat Choco Bites

Remember baking oats cookies while growing up? Well, Singapore has the perfect ready-to-eat solution. Small, crispy oat bites, each individually packaged to seal in that glorious crunchy bite. I loved nibbling on these on my trip. Not only did they feel a bit healthier 😀 than the other snacks, but they were also a quick hunger fix wandering the streets; giving me just the right boost to carry on

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Prawn Crackers

Nothing beats a good prawn cracker, which is why I was delighted when I spotted these in a storefront exploring the streets of East Coast. Although I expected more prawn flavor, I did love the fact that they had just the right amount of saltiness and were super crunchy. If you spot them on your travels in Singapore, give them a try. They are a lovely light snack, and you might even find it hard to stop nibbling after the first bite.

Codfish Fillets

Not many people outside of Asia know about codfish fillets. It’s taken me quite a few years actually to get used to the taste and smell. But frankly, now I love snacking on them. However, that doesn’t mean finding the perfect flavorful product is easy. Which is why I couldn’t believe I found this brand. Each bite has just the right amount of flavor-packed fishy-ness. Maybe too fishy for some taste buds, but still delicious. If you’re brave enough, give them a try.


Have we missed any of your favorite Singaporean snacks? If you have suggestions on amazing Singapore snacks to add to this list, let me know in the comments below.

Oh, and btw, I’ve deliberately left off durian candy, dried fish skin and salted egg yolk chips from this list. Because, honestly, no one wants to eat that. Trust me.

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Singapore | Wondering which snacks to try in Singapore? Or the looking for the perfect souvenir snack? We’ve handpicked our 5 favorite Singaporean snacks which you simply have to try on your trip. #singapore #snacks #souvenirs #whattoeat #whattobuy #travel #asia

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